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Go Greater Good’s Thomas Francine is an avid researcher & practitioner of the greater good.

Thomas has studied the greater good through a plethora of books, articles, organizations, and conferences, and he is certified in the Science of Happiness through University of California—Berkeley.

More importantly, Thomas has been experimenting and experiencing the greater good through volunteering since 2008, both on his own as well as with Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless, and most recently through a disabilities organization.


Greater Writings: on the decline of violence, expanding circle, and human condition
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6 fascinating excerpts which form the foundation of my go greater beliefs.
Steven Pinker – The Better Angels of Our Nature
David Crary – Scandal Signals Chance to Reduce More Abuse
Leonard Pitts Jr. – Media Demean Pretty White Females
Peter Singer – The Expanding Circle
Viktor E. Frankl – Man’s Search for Meaning
Martin Luther King Jr. – The Drum Major Instinct

“Hi Thomas, …read the intro and looked at what you have in the booklet. Great!”
— Peter Singer

+ The Evolution of Empathy
+ Peace Among Primates
+ Can People Change? (Brain Plasticity & Gene Expression)
+ The Cooperative Instinct // Are you nicer than a child?
+ 5 Ways Giving Is Good for You
+ America’s Trust Fall / Why Trust Matters
+ The Myth of the Alpha Male

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