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This piece features homeless individuals Thomas has met during his travels. Again, the question is asked… do we emphasize the bad minority and use that as a stereotype, when there may be a bigger picture? (Wisconsin, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona)

Concerned? Buy a homeless individual a meal/snack and talk a bit!

(Giving money is maybe not the best option if you want to play it safe).
Also, try to reach out to someone not actively begging (as many do not do this)
or a nearby shelter. 🙂




…a celebration of all the many people in the world working with love. Here are just a few of the amazing individuals Thomas has met, sharing their unique perspectives on community. (California, New Mexico, Oregon, Montana, Wisconsin, Washington)


Synchronicity, A Hitchhike Perspective

As a just for fun question at the end of every interview, Thomas asked, Do things happen that are more than coincidence? Although Thomas personally believes fully in the idea of synchronicity, this video in more general terms is about finding meaning in life no matter what the circumstances and not allowing obstacles to deter us.

Is there solid science to back up the idea of synchronicity? Perhaps!
Look up quantum mechanics’ “double slit experiment!”
Here is a great short explanation from Morgan Freeman.