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Walking America

Welcome to the new addition to the Go Greater Good site! Here at the blog I’ll be posting new travel updates, stories, lessons, and any other findings along the journey exploring the good behind humanity. Be sure to stay in the know by joining my mailing list on the right. Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to what’s to come!

Thomas Francine

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blog!”

  1. Good luck, nephew.
    Be safe.
    We’re looking forward to reading about your adventures.
    Glad you took a cell phone.
    Aunt Jane

  2. Glad I found you on the sidewalk, Tom! After a hot meal, a soft bed (no tent) and a a reasonably hearty breakfast, your off to the next adventure. Very nice spending a couple of hours chatting about your “greater good” philosophy. Today is another beautiful but hot day on the road – stay in the shade. Too bad I belatedly thought about sending you off with sunblock. Oh well, appears you have a natural talent for figuring things out – best wishes on your journey. STAY SAFE!

    1. Hey Donna, late notice but thanks so much, you and your husband and pups were all awesome, miss ya and keep in touch 🙂

  3. We hope you stayed cool this afternoon after we saw you on Rt.2 west of Waterbury. Good luck,have a safe journey and we look forward to hearing you made it to the west coast.

  4. WOW!!!
    I wrote a book entitled Walking Man, about a guy who did just what you are doing. My book is fiction, and you are attempting the real thing. Please give me a mailing address. I would love to send you the book. You are on a fabulous adventure. Be safe, and take in the wondrous land that still has promise.

    If you enter my name (Joe Randazzo) and the title (Walking Man) on Amazon, you can get an advance peek at the book. I love your premise. As Anne Frank said, “I still believe people are basically good at heart.”

    If you read my book you can see how my projections held up in real life. How many pairs of sneakers will you wear out? What roadside hazards will you encounter? You are one of those rare people who knows that life is a daring adventure, or it is nothing.

    All the best,
    Joe & Rita Randazzo,
    South Burlington, Vermont

  5. Hi Tom,

    I’m really glad I turned my car around and came back to talk to you today (Monday) on the road just past the turnoff for the Champlain Bridge to NY. Your bright light face and positive enthusiasm was a pleasure! Please do call me if you reach Albany, NY. If I’m home, you can secure a stay. Perhaps my own adventureous son will be home by then too. Happy trails! Bonnie
    btw, the book is Wild, by Cheryl Strayed–about her travels on the Pacific Coast trails.

  6. It was such a pleasure talking to you,I wish I had taken that route earlier so I could of talked and listened to you. GOD BLESS/ ERIE airport,pa. is watching you’r adventure . Keep smileing and having those sunshine eyes.

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