Change the World (for yourself): Give up tv & the internet for a week!
week 4 challenge
Want to support me? Follow my lead on a weekly challenge!
I have had very close to zero access to internet and tv the past week, and it’s been great!
In place of these two very common distractions, spend more time going greater good!
There are SO many interesting things to do in life! πŸ™‚

Post below (or on my facebook) to pledge you will attempt this challenge!


Sometimes people exaggerate odder threats while downplaying more common ones.
The most serious risk I face while out on the road is actually you, or someone you know.
This powerful short from Werner Herzog (“Grizzly Man”) came out just this month.
It’s very related to the challenge this week… don’t get so caught up in technology that you miss out on what’s real and in front of you.

week 4 photo 2b
Mark, me, Jackie, Kelly, Kathryn, Jase, Rob, Ila, and Sarah

week 4 photo 1

week 4 photo 3
Neveah, Tommy, and Maggie

week 4 photo 4
Bill, Jerome, and John

week 4 photo 5
Caleb and Randy

week 4 scenery
After a very rainy day!, a rainbow near downtown Johnstown, NY.

week 4 fact
“Right to Farm Law” specifics differ from town to town, but the idea is protection for farms,
fromΒ complaints neighbors may make about the smell or noise coming from farm land.
I like that some towns respect this law so much that they put up road signs to proclaim it!
Learn to raise your own chickens!/make it legal to do so where you live!
(They are quiet creatures without roosters!)

After a brief break back home in NJ, for an important family function and some other stuff, I am back on the road full speed once again. Doing my usual of about 20 miles a day, my most being 27 yesterday. I have been realizing I can eat A LOT doing this, and that if I do eat a lot, I walk a lot better! Can be tricky to eat full meals all day when sometimes I am in the middle of nowhere!, but I also always do have lots of groceries on me. Have been meeting lots of great people everywhere I go as usual… one of my favorite memories of the week was yesterday morning, camped out in my new friend’s backyard, at 7:30am, 9-year-old Caleb (above) wakes me up: “Tom! Tom! I made you breakfast!” He had woken up on his own and made me two waffles with syrup on a napkin. πŸ™‚

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I write from close to Syracuse, NY! See you next week and thanks!

Little Falls Times (NY) – “Spreading kindness one footstep at a time”

16 thoughts on “WEEK 4”

  1. Just love this weeks blog. I watched and posted the above documentary on my facebook page a few weeks ago. It is a must see. And believe it or not I will try to cut back on the TV and internet. We will see how that works.
    I am so very proud of you and the message that you are telling. Be safe young man and remember SBH.

  2. Nice to see you’re back on the road again Thomas! In regard to your challenge I’ve been TV free for more than 12 yrs but do make use of the internet for movies, Facebook, email etc. I am accepting the challenge of cutting back on that and spent some of that time yesterday at the school track getting more serious about MY walking πŸ™‚ Still have fond memories of our meeting on Route 29 outside Saratoga Springs, NY
    Safe travels >>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. Just saw you on the Syracuse, NY local news and thought I should get online and say hello and thank you for sharing Good with with country. Your message is clear: walk the talk!
    Thank you. Barb

  4. Hey Tom, great to get news from you. I don’t watch much tv anyway – only on Fridays to watch my ghost stories. Other than that I’m so busy I don’t have time for tv. The only time I’m on the internet is at work but that isn’t much either casue I have to work – only get on internet at home if I have to look something up. I’m always on the go, working 3 jobs, have two kids and a home and apartment house to manage. I did a fun day for kids as part of my job on Saturday helping children make crafts and we gave them everything for free at Oakledge Park. I also gave a customer a helpful crafting hint on Sunday when she had been searching a week and a half for an answer – she was so happy she told the cashier when she checked out. I put out some free stuff on the curb for anyone to take and most is all gone so I know it will be helping someone. I’m sending out two more little secret gifts to a couple friends on my Facebook page to surprise them and brighten their day. Now I’m helping my son fundraise for his football team. My brain never stops even when I’m sleeping. I’m glad to hear from you. Keep on treking have a great trip and keep checking in.

  5. Hi Thomas! I met you in Utica, NY. My name is Jerome, I am one of the Barbers that talked with you as you described your cause. I think you make an excellent point and you have a just cause. I just wanted to check in with you to see your progress. Well keep up the great work and pace and be safe out there! You are a true inspiration to many!

    Jerome Mathis
    Utica, NY

    1. Thanks for keeping up Jerome, I really enjoyed meeting the 3 of you, very cool people. Keep in touch.

  6. Hi Tom,
    Its Caleb. Just thought I would say hello. Hope you are doing good. Bye for now.

    1. Caleb!!!! You are great and so is your Dad and Uncle. You are especially helpful, and have a great soul at a young age. Keep it up my friend, was so cool to meet and hang out with you πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. just writing to say hello sir. I am bill Thompson me and my two friends pictured above met you in Utica as you walked past our barbershop “Bills”. good luck to you and your cause Thomas.

    1. THANKS Bill. Was a pleasure to meet the 3 of you. Thanks for stopping me and seeing if I needed anything. Hope all is well!

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