Change the World (for a neighbor): Make some food for someone!
week 5 challenge
Want to support me? Follow my lead on a weekly challenge!
Baked some cookies for a few neighbors/friends of one of my stops this week!
Did you know studies show Americans feel increasingly alone?
Sharing food is an excellent way to make a new connection on your street, or to brighten up a friend’s day! Try to get a little conversation going while you’re at it!
Post below (or on my facebook) to pledge you will attempt this challenge!

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Last week I met a very interesting 70 year old named Patty. She shared a few lovely thoughts on long-distance sailing/road-tripping, and going greater good!

week 5 photo 1
me, Charley, Don

week 5 photo 4
Doris and her beautiful flower stand

week 5 photo 3
Cross-country cyclists Adam, Corey, and Bruce (father and children)

week 5 scenery
Crossing a very nice low bridge a few dozen miles east of Rochester.


A few new stats:
540 miles down, 2,600 to go; 1/6 of the way done! πŸ™‚
Number of steps I took on August 16: 47,782 !!
(someone gave me an old-school stepometer)
Number of roadside banana peels so far: 48!

A favorite memory of the week: hanging out chatting with Charley and Don (above) for breakfast on their back porch, surrounded by their amazing animal-friendly garden, watching lots of birds and critters running around. πŸ™‚

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I write from Rochester, NY! See you next week and thanks!

YNN (Syracuse) – β€œMan walking from Maine to California”

16 thoughts on “WEEK 5”

  1. Just thought that you would like to know that I will be bringing one of my neighbors some tomatoes from the garden. I am enjoying your challenges.
    One other thing that I like to do is: when shopping in the supermarket, clothing store, mall etc. —just say hello to the people that you are passing …99% of the time people will smile back at you and say hello back. Once in a while someone will think that they know you and start a conversation. It is just nice to put a smile on someone’s face.

  2. I wish you were headed to the mid-Hudson valley! Sharing food and conversation are lovely ways to connect. I have some ripe bananas ready to put into banana zucchini bread tomorrow- I will take some of the mini muffins to some of th neighbors I haven’t yet met in our neighborhood.
    Hope you’re sleeping in comfort and peace.
    Love to you, Thomas.

  3. Reverend Father Joe called to tell me he saw you & was very proud of what you are doing, just as I am. Love you,Grandma.

  4. I love this challenge because I do this all the time. I love to bake but it is just my mom and I and we don’t eat a lot of sweets so we enjoy a few of the fresh baked items and send the rest to our neighbor’s or to the awesome workers st our local dump. Our neighbors return the favor by giving us fresh veggies from their garden. Love your blog Thomas. Best wishes to you.
    Penny from Littleton

  5. Good to see you at it again. We’ve checked in from Bethlehem, NH since ever since you were here fixing your rig. Truly hope things go swimmingly well for you on your trek. Take care and Thank You!

    1. Dale, thank you SO much. It was so lucky to “break down” right across the street from your shop haha. Keep in touch my friend.

  6. So glad to hear things are going well, Thomas. I think of you and your journey often, and work to be more proactive with putting forth good things in my little circle of influence. Safe travels and best wishes, Kori and Bella-dog, Bartlett, NH

  7. Thomas, I have been following you ever since you left Middle Granville, New York. You have already achieved your goal just in New York state alone. Some comments bring tears to my eyes; you make people want to be BETTER PEOPLE!! Think of how many people you will touch across our country!!!! Have fun, stay safe and enjoy the adventure!!

    1. Marti you and your employees are so cool. Wish I was there right now getting another sandwich and hanging out. Definitely keep in touch πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ and thanks so much for the comment.

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