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I did a TEDx talk in Pennsylvania & it is now available online! I discuss my travel experiences, go greater research, & how YOU can go greater your own way! Check it out!!


It started as one act of kindness for a child, but it turned into so much more! And 60 years later, Tony and his firefighter brothers have an incredible bond.

“Greater Writings” now edited to be much more succinct & powerful! The excerpts featured in this booklet are powerful pieces from prominent minds which form the foundation of my go greater beliefs! Click here to check it out!

Change the WORLD (for yourself)
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsch
Is it more risky to take risks or to avoid them? Is adventure an important aspect of life? Where is the end of your own comfort zone? Can you imagine “nervousness” and “bad” as “excitement!” and “good!” …and act accordingly in some aspect of your life??

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3 thoughts on “G3 TEDx!”

  1. go greater good is a amazing choose for a path of life…. are path have already cross a very long time ago in a cheap hostel actuly the cheapest hostel of vancouver The so called Americain Back Packer…. hahaha we been facebook friend for year now and probably only talk once… anyway i just thougt i could share my own go greater good experience with you, the way i totaly change myself by seeing the word other myself with different eye…it’s go like that – Don’t force juge punish juste inspired with positif thinking thrusting action and a huge sense of homour and compassion the change you want to see in yourself other and the world like the music inspiered the dancers… every day of our life inspired the next one thats way even if we arn’t exactly where we want to be we have to live it for ‘the greater go’ 😉 of tomorow everything that we experience and the way we experience it have a impact on yourself that’s a cumulatif of all those moment that create who we are like it’s the million step we take that bring ous to destination… so every decision we make may not be always follow by the out come we wishe for but we will be a stronger most beautifful person that then and will be capable of way more then yesterday….. -there is no ordinary moment-… that realy give my the power the trust and the ability to change my life my relation with other and the word…so i like to share my bigest life inspiration with you the first is a book that you probably already read but just in case…. it’s call the way of the peacefull warrior and the seconde is a women that i only have the chance too meet in a youtube video lyxn vilden… have a good journey… sincerly 🙂 by the way i hope my english is readable

    1. Hey hahahahaha. We talked only 1 night 5 years ago now, so cool that you are still out there being positive and getting in touch with me after so long 🙂 🙂 It’s cool that I don’t know just who is reading what I put out there. Anyway that 1 night I was there was great cause of you and everyone who was there… amazing and crazy group of people looking for the absolute cheapest run-down place to stay haha. Anyway your English is very readable… I understand everything perfectly 🙂 Also thank you for the recommendations, I checked out the book and just watched a few interviews with Lynx, very cool. I have your email from you posting the comment and am sending you a picture from Vancouver, one of my favorites. Thanks again!!!!

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