Organ Donation Recipient Colette


Did you know that 18 people die every day waiting for an organ? Colette was lucky enough to receive a liver transplant when she needed one in 2002. She shares her story in this short interview.


Here is a recent news clip about two people on opposite sides of an organ donation, who DID meet each other in real life. The recipient pledges to live out the donor’s bucket list.

Change the WORLD
IF you feel inclined to be an organ donor, have a discussion with your family and friends about this topic, and see if they are future organ donors as well. You can also register officially in your state at!

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Peace is listed on the site by her birth name, Mildred Norman Ryder, under the “Public Service” category. Check it out here!!: >>

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4 thoughts on “Organ Donation Recipient Colette”

  1. Tom, what a nice tribute to your mother, whom I’m proud to say is my daughter-in-law. Colette is a very up-beat person, who, I never heard her ever to complain about all her health conditions. She is one that you can hear her laughing most of the time, which brings happiness into the room.
    Tom, I’m proud that you made this video of her. Love you, Grandma

    1. Thank you Grandma for saying that, VERY very true thoughts right there πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Great interview Tom, easy one with your Mom. She is always positive. Love You.

    1. Yes, an easy choice… VERY positive always, very amazing. Thank you for the comment πŸ™‚

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