99-year-old Activist Helene & Peace Pilgrim


Helene Young is 99 years old and incredibly active. She rides 5+ miles on her bicycle everyday, helps local charities, & promotes the message of her late sister Peace Pilgrim, who walked for 28 years with no possessions. (Watch the Peace doc here.)


The wife of a World War II soldier waited for more than 68 years for solid proof that her husband is either dead or alive. Then she learned the stunning truth in Normandy, France. (This story is two years old but is incredible.)

peace pilgrim book
Learn more about Helene’s sister in Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words… available completely for free. You can download an ebook version, or you can have a hard copy mailed (you do not even have to pay shipping and handling!).

Peace’s message: “This is the way of peace: Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.” Her 28-year pilgrimage started in 1953. After walking 25,000 miles, which took her until 1964, she stopped counting the miles.

Change the WORLD

Peace Pilgrim’s idea was that we must work WITH the GOOD, rather than AGAINST the BAD. And she believed that peace happens all at the individual level: “I know I am a little person and can do only little things, but there are so many little things that need to be done. [And] if enough of us little people ask together even very, very big things will be granted.” What is something you work against? How can you work FOR something instead?

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9 thoughts on “99-year-old Activist Helene & Peace Pilgrim”

    1. I really have! But they are really all around everywhere and not all too difficult to find! 🙂

  1. Thomas, Thank you for introducing us to the amazing people who you found on your journey. I’m watching Peace Pilgrim now. People can be so amazing. You have inspired me to do greater good, too. Many blessings to you, Donna

    1. Thanks Donna, I’m really happy that you enjoy my projects 🙂 and also that you are watching the Peace doc. She was really incredible! Nice to hear from you and blessings to you as well.

  2. Thomas, Because your dream is ‘to do good’, God is helping you to find these people–because, He knows you will put this information to good use. Very interesting story. Love you-Grandma

    1. Thanks for the comment!!, makes sense 🙂 There are lots of interesting people everywhere though too so luckily it isn’t too difficult!

  3. Dear Thomas…Good TUESDAY Evening from MESA, AZ where this ‘Little Ol’ Lady AND the SHOES’ has arrived home after a joyous visit to the PEACE PILGRIM PotLuck Fundraiser on Sunday. How lovely to see You again, My Young Friend.

    THANK YOU for sharing this special interview with HELENE YOUNG. With a precious essence of gentleness & love…HELENE exudes PEACE. With every opportunity to share the GOOD NEWS , HELENE delights in introducing PEACE PILGRIM. How grand.

    Sending along prayers & good wishes Your way. Please share the information about MILDRED NORMAN RYDER (aka PEACE PILGRIM’s) nomination to be inducted into the NJ Hall of Fame. (Voting ends 20June) http://www.njhalloffame.org & visit 2014 Nominees. Scroll to PUBLIC SERVICE category to select PEACE PILGRIM. Blessings of PEACE…ALWAYS. Looking FORward to seeing You again in September at the PEACE PILGRIM Celebration, too.

    1. Hi Donna!! Was GREAT to see you as well, and can’t wait to see you again in just a couple months 🙂 🙂 I have been trying to get people to vote, thanks for posting that on this page! And thanks for remembering to check out the video etc. I checked your pages out too! Talk to you soon ! !

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