WEEK 1 +

Change the World (for a stranger): Give strangers flowers!
Johnny & Ronnie
Flowers 3
Want to support me? Follow my lead on a weekly challenge!
Post below (or on my facebook) once you have completed it yourself!
Pick flowers from your yard, the woods, or visit your local florist!
Or do your own variation!


Beginning the walk from straight out of the waters of the Atlantic! πŸ™‚

week 1 photo 1
Camie Nancy Maggie Artie Kendra

week 1 photo 1b
Jane & Maryana

week 1 photo 3
Rob Jackie Jacklyn Jack Nancy Emily
(was invited to a great 1st birthday party !!)

week 1 scenery

Crawford Notch, New Hampshire

week 1 fact
So far in New England, unmanned, trust-based, roadside stands such as this one are quite common! Lumber is a common seller, as well as fruit and veggie packages! Cool!

Of course, I cannot believe it has only been 10 days! Such great people, friendly conversation, and adventure every day! I have generally been doing about 20 miles a day… my most is 27! And my least has been the past 2 days, only about 6 a day… due to an unrepairable flat tire, which took me a good 24 hours to fix! So far: exhausting and amazing. πŸ™‚ Currently am in Montpelier VT! Headed south soon! See you next week & thanks!!

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CBS13 (Maine)
Conway Daily Sun (New Hampshire)
News12 (New Jersey)

7 thoughts on “WEEK 1 +”

  1. So stoked to see this post; really happy for you and I love the idea of meeting the challenges as a way of support.
    Best of everything to you, stay cool and hydrated out there.


  2. Greetings from NJ ~ I have successfully completed challenge #1! I gave a nice white flower I had picked to a cashier at QuickChek, an older woman who is always working the late night shifts. I could tell she really appreciated it after she smiled and told me how she never got flowers from anyone before in her whole life!!!

    gogreatergood πŸ™‚

  3. just stumbled upon your project and i think what you’re doing is incredible! i am so looking forward to following you on this adventure… stay safe and be well!

  4. So great to meet you Tom at the Orwell Gas N Go in Orwell. As I told you, someone like you is why I love my job. Praying you have a safe journey!!

  5. It was great to meet you at the Ferrisburgh, VT gas station. Good luck on your journey and safe travels!!

  6. Just met you here in Granville NY on route 22A with my fiancΓ© Lauren. Glad to have met you and I think what you are doing and the reasons behind it are amazing. You will inspire many people around the world. Thank you Tom! Let us know if you pass through San Francisco!

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