Change the World (for someone you know): Write letters or cards to at least 3 friends!
week 2 challenge A
challenge 2 B
Want to support me? Follow my lead on a weekly challenge!
“Thinking of you” or “Thanks” are good themes!
Try to write at least 1 to someone you haven’t spoken with a while!

Post below (or on my facebook) once you have completed it yourself!


Cliff-jumping at Bolton Potholes in Vermont! Doesn’t look that crazy from here but was pretty scary, for me at least 😉

week 2 photo 1
Emma & Devin

week 2 photo 2
John, Diane, Chai, & Satori

week 2 photo 3
Ella and Katherine

week 2 photo 4

week 2 photo 6

week 2 scenery
Lake Champlain, Burlington VT

week 2 fact
Montpelier has the only capitol building with a huge forest directly in its backyard! Very fitting for this state full of conscious people & environmentalists!

I am basically keeping up my 20 miles a week pace, and end up walking and talking all day from around sunrise to sunset! It is tough!, and I could NOT do it without the help and good wishes of those I meet along the way. Whether you have given me a place to stay, a meal, or even just a honk or wave, you have my sincere gratitude. Each time it really means a lot. THANK YOU 🙂 That’s all for now, do not have much time, but watch out for next week, when I will share with you lots of fun and odd stats about my walk so far, as well as some notes about my lifestyle while I am doing this.(By the way, I have made it through Vermont and am currently in Hartford, New York!) See you soon!

Seven Days (Vermont)
CBS3 (Vermont)

9 thoughts on “WEEK 2”

  1. Hi Thomas,

    Don’t forget to contact me if you need a bed or meal in the albany, ny area.

    hope you’re doing well!


  2. Tom! good to see that you posted our pic and remembered our names! it was nice to meet you and we’ll be following the blog from here on out. Good luck with the journey!!!!!!

    -devin and emma.

  3. Snail mail is the best!! You’re doing awesome Tom !! I miss you!! Keep it up!

  4. It was so nice to meet you as you began this journey, Tom!!! All of us at Chapman’s General Store will be following your blog!!! Marti

  5. Dear Tom,

    After realizing your thoughts for this adventure , I kept thinking to myself what small things can I do. I think your suggestions really help too, as in reading them give me plenty of ideas where I would have struggled more so.
    Today , I started with being kind to a stranger, completely by coincidence.
    I was in a supermarket , self checkout, I left and continued my errands. Then realizing later I recieved more cash in my return purchase . I thought of the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other and then thought of you ……, and this would be my start of one of 3 good things.. I went back to the supermarket and returned the extra money.

    Peace be with you

  6. Hi Tom, your journey is a great idea and hopefully you will connect with many people and inspire them.


  7. Just to let you know…I sent out 3 cards. This next thing has nothing to do with cards but it fits right in there with your message of people (and apparently companies) doing more good than not. I made a purchase at Wegmans and when I got home I checked my receipt and noticed that they only charged me for one gatorade and I purchased 10 of them. The next time that I went shopping there I went to their customer service counter with a bottle of gatorade and told the man behind the counter to ring up 9 of them. I had explained that the cashier had made an error and I owed them for 9 more bottles. The man behind the counter told me not to worry about it. He looked at the receipt and said the cashier was new and that it was an honest mistake. He thanked me for my honesty and sent me on my way.

  8. It was great to meet you in Silver Creek, NY at Save A Lot…I wish you the best and as I said if you need anything in the Fredonia NY area do not hesitate to call…Be safe and God Bless.

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