Change the World (for yourself & someone you know): Exchange a massage!
week 3 challenge 3
week 3 challenge 2
Want to support me? Follow my lead on a weekly challenge!
Touch can reduce pain, stress, depression, and aggression,
while promoting alertness, performance, immune function, and happiness!
Exchange a massage with a friend!, or else get one from a professional in your area!
Post below (or on my facebook) once you have completed the challenge!

week 3 photo 1
Laurie, Destiny, and Herb (favorite picture so far, and of some great folks too!)

week 3 photo 2
Kelley and Dan

week 3 photo 3

week 3 scenery 1
Hudson River, Schuylerville, NY

week 3 fact 2 week 3 fact 1
I like the pride shown by many of the small towns in upstate NY,
of their local athletic teams, even many years down the road!

Above are road signs welcoming visitors as they enter the towns of Argyle and Hartford.

For those of you who have never tried camping or low budget traveling, it is highly recommended! Whenever I get into this zone, in past travels and now this time, I find many forgotten positive consequences emerge. Waking up with the sun, staying very active and connected with nature and my body through the day, getting tired and going to sleep early, sleeping outside often, talking with interesting people, taking chances, experiencing ups and downs every day and learning to appreciate both… What I am doing is a bit extreme, and not for everyone, but I would point you to the following quote and ask you to think about it for your own life and circumstances: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” (Neale Donald Walsch)

I got close to home in New Jersey a couple days ago and decided to take a break for up to a week, to tend to some personal (good) matters, relax a bit, and also to make some nice readjustments now that I have a good feel for this. So I may skip an entry next week before I go at it full speed once again!

327 miles down already!, meaning I am already about 1/10 of the way done! Not bad at all! Here’s what my route looks like so far:
map jpg d

And as promised, some fun stats!:
Average miles per day: 18
Most miles per day: 27!
Least: 4 (flat tire day!)
Most days without internet: 5
Most days without a shower: 5
Most days wearing the same exact thing day and night: 4
Number of slugs saved by avoiding running over: dozens
Number of slugs found crushed under my tent: dozens
Number of times I peed on 7/25 (staying hydrated!): Lost count after 20
Animals seen up close: deer, moose, black bear, snakes, mice, dogs, cats, and many kinds of birds and insects!

Granville Sentinel (NY)
NBC (Albany)
CBS (Albany)

21 thoughts on “WEEK 3”

  1. So excited to read your new entry. I’d be pretty scared to see a Black bear up close. I like seeing the pictures and reading the stats. Good luck on your journey and I hope you have good health, company and be safe. Sincerely,
    Mary Ann – Vermont

  2. I hope you’re carrying some guitar with you? You are such an excellent musician. I enjoyed playing harmonic guitar with you when you were in Maryland last year. Your cause is excellent, and I hope many hear of it. I have only read this current (8/1 is today) blog entry and I am filled with joy and love for my fellow humans. Thanks for causing that. =)

  3. Tom, it’s so nice to read all the responses from people you have met & most of all–the people that have not met you, but take the time to respond how interested they are in you. Great job–Love you, Grandma

  4. I met you in Orwell, Vermont at the gas station. I think I may have bought you an ice cream. I just loved the Change the World (for 3 people). I truly try to practice that every day! Off to Uganda in a few more weeks and will think about “showing genuine compassion”for myself, someone I know, or a stranger”. You touched my heart. May your journey be full of all good things. Go well, be well. Namaste.

  5. Thomas I just wanted you to know what a pleasure and inspiration it was stopping to talk to you today (8/13) on Main St. in Johnstown, NY. Your journey is a great one and in this day in age with such negativity surrounding us will hopefully open the eyes of others that great people still exist all around us. I know you left an impression on my 6 year old ( one of the three in back) he’s been asking many questions about you and what you’re doing. My family and I wish you nothing but luck and the best on your journey. You have my email, if there is ever anything I can do to help out, I don’t care what it is and if you’re across the country don’t hesitate to ask. Take care and best of luck. Ian, Johnstown, NY

    1. Thanks Ian I remember you and it was nice to meet you. I really enjoyed Johnstown as well, lots of nice people it seems 🙂

  6. Thomas, Today we stopped to speak with you in Broadalbin, NY. I find your journey amazing and inspiring. My 14 year old son and his friends didn’t know what to make of your adventure, I hope it gives them an example of what it means to “think outside the box”. Success is defined in many ways.
    Thank you for stopping to speak to us and explain your mission. I hope you enjoyed your fried chicken 🙂
    Be well, and Enjoy your Journey,
    Donna P.

    1. Hi Donna, thanks for the comment and thanks for the chicken as well, I remember that moment in the rain well 🙂

  7. So Tom, was just wondering where you are at now. I just came up with a good plan that is part of your plan on helping others. When I finish a book I will pass it on to someone who it may help or they might enjoy – this will also help me to start reducing items in my house. I put out things for free for people when I can. Cleaning out the house helps me and items I put out might be helpful to others- I know they disappear so I’m hoping they are. Hope you are well. Let me know where you are at now, just curious.

  8. hey tom met you at my job bud keep them feet moving lots of people look up to you man. enjoy the poweraid i got you…. hope it quenches your thirst

  9. Forgot to respond to this challenge earlier, BUT I did it! I gave my dog a nice neck massage under her collar and she was lovin’ it
    : ]

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