Travel Resources

+ How to: travel for free 1; travel for free 2; travel for free 3

+ for info on all aspects of hitchhiking (including safety),
+ very thorough book on how to hitchhike/live on the road
+ well-done podcast report (by Freakonomics) on hitching and its U.S. demise
+ Hitchhiking’s time has come again (NYTimes article)
+ Hitchhiking in the Axis of Evil: By Thumb in Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan

+ Peace Pilgrim: An American Sage
(documentary on the incredible woman who walked 28 years with no possessions)
+ List of (some) people who have walked across the US
+ Walking the Land as a Spiritual Quest (NYTimes article)

General safety concerns
+ The woman traveling solo question (article)
+ great speech by a very experienced solo female hitchhiker
       ^ a MUST-watch for anyone male or female interested in hitchhiking!
+ another solo female, discussing herself & some of her favorite solo female travelers throughout history.
+ Should women travel alone? Should they hitchhike?